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For better core stability, improved posture, and tighter abs, Hope’s Pilates classes are a winning…



Strong. Agile. Dynamic. An inspirational Yoga teacher can help you embody all these qualities...

Pure pilates for real results

My goal is to teach you to understand your body, how it works and moves, and how breathing and correct alignment can change everything.

What my clients have to say

Hope's passion and drive are inspiring and she truly cares about making a difference in her clients’ bodies. With her breadth of knowledge and experience, she can really see what is going on in your body’s movement patterns and knows precisely how to change those movement patterns for the better. Hope really is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had!

Marie Kidwell

I tried Pilates several times before and actually found it a bit dull, not providing much of a workout. Hope’s classes are amazing. Each session is something different; mentally engaging, physically demanding and revitalising, and she is so in-tune with each class member that it’s basically a personalised session. Can’t recommend her enough. LOVE IT!

Laura Corbett

Hope's class is energetic and challenging. It's a mixture of flow, strength and balance. She encourages you to try out new postures and to hold them a little longer or get deeper into them and she has a good way of describing how to do them. Her knowledge of yoga and anatomy and physiology is evident and she has a good eye for small adjustments as we go along in the class.

Ali Watson

Unify your body and mind

Let me help you use the power of Pilates to heal and strengthen your body while becoming the best possible version of yourself.