About Hope

Hello, I'm Hope

My passion for Pilates began in 2006, although I have been fascinated by how the body works since the age of 16, teaching both yoga and dance over the years.

I discovered Pilates while a professional dancer and decided my future lay in helping people feel better in their own bodies. So after 12 years of dancing my way around the cities of the world, I combined my two passions, Pilates and snowboarding, and set up classes in the glorious 3 valleys in the French Alps.

Hope Laird

I trained in the pure method of Classical, but have also worked in a Stott studio in New Zealand, and with an Osteopath in London’s Maida Vale. My clients over the past 10 years have ranged from high-level athletes to people born with physical disabilities or recovering from serious health problems such as strokes and major injuries.

Pilates is rich in history, so it is important to me as a teacher that I honour and respect how the Pilates method got where it is today. But helping others rehabilitate, move freely, relieve stress, increase strength, gain awareness and confidence and improve their mental health is what truly drives me. I believe that movement is the key to a happier healthier life.

Hope doing yoga pose

Pilates can be life-changing. I know because it has changed my life. And I want to share that knowledge with you. My goal is not just to make every Pilates lesson you have an amazing experience. It’s also to teach you to understand your body, how it works and moves, and how breathing and correct alignment can change everything. Because that’s what Pilates really is, a way of unifying for body and your mind. Let me help you use the power of Pilates to heal and strengthen your body while becoming the best possible version of yourself. It’s just the first step on your journey that can change your life.

I also believe, from my own experience, that there is no quick fix. Pilates is about a lot more than what happens on the mat: it’s a long-term investment in yourself and your overall health and lifestyle. Let me help you start or continue your journey in body awareness, and improving your general health and wellbeing. You will be amazed by what your body can achieve.