Pilates Classes

For better core stability, improved posture, and tighter abs, Hope’s Pilates classes are a winning formula.

All levels are welcome. But don’t be fooled! That doesn’t mean you won’t work hard. “Whatever your level, prepare to sweat!” says Hope. “Why? Because your body needs to be internally warm to attain the agility you seek while keeping everything in the right place!” As with her Yoga classes, Hope’s Pilates classes are carefully planned and designed to accommodate the varying needs of those in each session. When preparing each session, she takes the requirements of her regular students into account to ensure they have the work out they need.

“Living in Alps, I know lots of people will be skiing during the winter months,” Hope adds. “So before and during the season, I focus on knee stability and alignment to ensure they are protected while out on the slopes.”

  • Gain fundamental strength
  • Improve core control
  • Attain stability and balance
  • Find organic mobility
  • Achieve better posture
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Pilates class Les Allues

I teach the classical repertoire of Pilates inventor Joseph Pilates, combined with contemporary exercises to create a balanced body, mind and spirit. The classes are perfect for those rehabilitating after an injury, as well as for relieving everyday aches and stresses. Every class is different and can be tailored to suit each person’s unique journey.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner, you can learn and improve at my weekly classes at Hotel Eterlou in Meribel on Monday evenings (7.15pm), or in Les Allues on Tuesdays (9.30am) and Fridays (9.30am).


  • One Session On Holiday: 15 euros
  • One Session Seasonaire : 12 euros
  • Five Sessions Seasonaire: 55 euros