Yoga Classes

Strong. Agile. Dynamic. An inspirational Yoga teacher can help you embody all these qualities. Hope is that kind of teacher. Classically trained, her fluid style, enthusiasm and focus on skeletal alignment will ensure you achieve your goals in a safe and stable way.

With an emphasis on stability, balance, and muscular agility, Hope’s classes are carefully planned in advance but can be adapted to suit the level of the group. Each class works towards a final pose, ensuring students leave feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the session.

  • Recalibrate skeletal alignment
  • Push your boundaries
  • Attain internal harmony
  • Improve muscular agility
  • Become stronger and more flexible
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“I encourage my students to push their habitual boundaries by building strength and stability,” Hope says.

“You will definitely leave feeling like you’ve had a good work out, and with regular practice you will be amazed by what your body can do!”

My class is held at 6.00pm Wednesdays in Bozel.


  • One Session On Holiday: 15 euros
  • One Session Seasonaire : 12 euros
  • Five Sessions Seasonaire: 55 euros