What my clients have to say

Signed up for a taster session with Hope and immediately booked on for the 5-in-a-row deal. And have resigned a couple of times. Why wouldn’t you? The classes are funny, friendly, yeah they hurt and yeah you sweat and grimace, but most importantly - they work. I’ve lost two dress sizes already (and I don’t even wear dresses).

Chris Moran

Hope's passion and drive are inspiring and she truly cares about making a difference in her clients’ bodies. With her breadth of knowledge and experience, she can really see what is going on in your body’s movement patterns and knows precisely how to change those movement patterns for the better. Hope really is the best Pilates teacher I have ever had!

Marie Kidwell

I tried Pilates several times before and actually found it a bit dull, not providing much of a workout. Hope’s classes are amazing. Each session is something different; mentally engaging, physically demanding and revitalising, and she is so in-tune with each class member that it’s basically a personalised session. Can’t recommend her enough. LOVE IT!

Laura Corbett

Pilates with Hope is life changing and her ability to listen to an individual's needs and be able to personalise and adapt accordingly is remarkable.

Anastasia Dewhurst

Not a person who relaxes well and never having participated in Yoga Classes before I was not sure what to expect. Hopes styles work for me, she pushes your physical strength, challenges your mental awareness and is both inspiring and encouraging. My body and I are reaping the benefits, I sleep better I make time to be active each day in a way that makes me more relaxed. I am looking forward to attending the winter session!

Susan Kay

Great core strength workout with variety every week and a nice mix of traditional and modern Pilates styles. Plus it works - you get stronger! I fully recommend Hope's classes - they are fantastic.

Mischa Burns

I have been practising Pilates and yoga with Hope for two years now. A friend recommended Hope as I was suffering from a painful shoulder and she thought Pilates might sort it out for me. It did! From the first class I did I’ve been addicted to Hope’s classes. I started off with one a week and now I do three classes a week. Hope transfer’s her never-ending energy into her classes and this makes you want to work harder and give that little bit extra. She is very clear in explaining the exercises and the classes are easy to follow for every level. Best way to start or finish the day.

Daphne Bakker

I love Hope’s classes, she’s a great instructor. She varies the classes week to week and always makes sure we get a really good session. She’ll always ask us if we’re suffering from any pain or injuries and tailors the class to help us. Highly recommended!

Sian Hayley Smith

I am a huge fan of Hope’s Pilates class. I have experienced many different Pilates classes and teachers in the past, but Hopes classes are without a doubt the best. The classes are motivational and challenging in a good way, you feel like you have had a workout. She is incredibly knowledgeable and I particularly like the way she explains the moves, using all the names of the body parts etc.

Victoria Day

Hope's Pilates classes are brilliant. I've done a few types of pilates and Hope's extensive knowledge of the various methods is fantastic.  This means she does a great job at making each class different - it's never the same class twice! She works on all areas of the body, breaks things down to help you work on engaging each part of your body and then brings it all together so that by the end of the class you feel really connected. You feel like you've worked hard but you also feel full of energy! She is brilliant.

Lesley Way

I'm a guy who was a bit scared of Pilates. Fortunately, Hope is a natural teacher! She makes you feel at ease, and whether you're on the mat or on the reformer, her instruction is relaxing yet still gives you confidence. Whether you have an injury or just want to improve your fitness or strength, Hope was born to help you achieve your goals!

Phil Ross

As a newcomer to Pilates Hope is an amazing instructor and always works to our capabilities within the class. The way she explains how we should apply our body to each movement really helps to connect and understand the meaning of Pilates. Hope is intuitive to how each individual feels in the class and often tailor makes her classes to help strengthen areas, such as my neck or arms which I often struggle with. I love the energy Hope brings to her classes and the fact she is so knowledgeable on the subject. Initially attending one session a week I have now gone to 2, I believe this is down to having a fun dedicated teacher who provides encouragement and helps me progress weekly.

Leanora Jones-Parry

Hope's class is energetic and challenging. It's a mixture of flow, strength and balance. She encourages you to try out new postures and to hold them a little longer or get deeper into them and she has a good way of describing how to do them. Her knowledge of yoga and anatomy and physiology is evident and she has a good eye for small adjustments as we go along in the class.

Ali Watson